Brescia University Month of Service

“Reflect that, in reality, you have a greater need to serve others than they have of your service.”


August 2023 marks the inaugural Brescia University Month of Service. 在这个月里, the Brescia University community will put the Brescia Difference into action by setting a goal of 1,为他人服务超过5000小时. Whether it is serving meals at a local food kitchen, walking dogs at the animal shelter, attending a nonprofit board meeting, or volunteering with your church or little league, we invite all Bearcats to take the month of August to give back to their community in honor of Brescia University.

Whether you count the service you already do or take this opportunity to serve in a new way, we encourage Bearcats nationwide/worldwide to do their part this month while thinking of the Brescia Difference and promotion of servant leadership. To help us track our progress toward our goal of 1,000小时服务时间, we’ve set up an easy form to log hours served in August. Simply complete the form after volunteering, and we’ll announce our grand total of service hours in September.

However you choose to serve others this August, we ask that you do so in honor of Brescia: wear a Brescia t-shirt, reflect briefly on your time at Brescia, or say a quick prayer for our campus and alumni community as we seek to put the Brescia Difference into action during the first ever Brescia University Month of Service.



  • 在当地非营利组织做志愿者
  • 服侍你的教会
  • Attending board or committee meetings
  • Organizing a drive for school supplies or a food bank or pregnancy center
  • 指导青少年运动
  • Youth outreach in schools or clubs
  • 与服务不足的人群合作
  • 社区垃圾清理